About The Opportunity Foundation of America and EagleEyes

Boston College Computer Science Professor James Gips, creator of the EagleEyes technology and Debbie Inkley, Executive Director and Founder of the Opportunity Foundation of America.

Together they have set out to distribute EagleEyes to the severely disabled community nationwide.


EagleEyes was developed at Boston College by Computer Science Professor Jim Gips, in 1994.  The technology is primarily for children and adults with severe special needs.  These individuals are most often non-verbal, paralyzed, and at most have a YES/NO method of communicating or are completely locked-in.

In 2005, The Opportunity Foundation of America began a partnership with the Boston College EagleEyes Project and signed a formal license agreement to manufacture, distribute and provide training for the technology. The Opportunity Foundation of America was chosen by Boston College because of our commitment to distributing this technology as a non-profit organization. We strive to keep the cost of the EagleEyes technology to a minimum for those in need by distributing it at cost.  

Past Project

BOOST (Business Organization and Occupation Service Training) was a business, community and volunteer-based program that provided opportunities for employment through customer service, computer and other skills training for people with physical, emotional, developmental, economic and domestic challenges.  Participants gained improved self-esteem and marketable job skills while employers gained a pool of perspective employees.

BOOST was fully funded by Discover Financial Services and Morgan Stanley from 1994 to 2004 and facilitated in eight locations in the US and two locations in Scotland. Over 2,800 people graduated from this program.

In 2000, the Opportunity Foundation of America was established to help support BOOST participants with material items and services they would need to gain employment.