Educational Activities

Educational Activities to Use with EagleEyes or Camera Mouse

Below are educational activities to be used with EagleEyes or Camera Mouse. They are arranged by degree of difficulty and have suggestions for settings and ease of use.  If you have favorite games or activities, please share them with us in the Input/Feedback tab so we can add them to the library for everyone to access.

Remember to save your Configurations for each activity in the EagleEyes software so when you return, you can play with no setup.

Activities at an educational beginning level

Sheppard Preschool and Kindergarten Activities
Various alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, and animal games.

Fisher Price Animal Sounds
Choose the animal that just made the sound. Exclusion zones 20% or more. Dwell and recovery time according to user's proficiency.

Happy Pet
Multiple choice selection of picture choices to guide the dog around. Reduce window size and center on screen. Use black or blank background. Single mouse click turned on. Hold CTRL and scroll mouse to zoom in.

Starfall ABC's
Various activities to learn the alphabet.

Alphabet Zoo
Select the matching letters to put the animals in the place at the zoo. Reduce excluded zones or hold CTRL and scroll with mouse to zoom in and use shorter dwell time for smaller targets.

Shape Puzzle
Match the highlighted shape to make the puzzle. Use 10-20% exclusion zones for sides.

Bembos Zoo
Cause and effect Alphabet. Recommend higher dwell and recovery time. (1 sec)

Activities at an educational intermediate level.

Do2Learn Word Pairs
This game teaches word pairs, such as up and down and a quiz for each pair. Ctrl+Scroll or Ctrl+up arrow to zoom in.

Sheppard Software
An array of activities from educational to just fun. Not all are EagleEyes compatible.

Poddle Weigh In
There are ten poddles that need to be assigned numbers based on their weight.  The only way to figure out what that number should be is to put the poddle on a scale and put weights on the other side until the scale balances and the number can then be assigned. Excluded zones to be set and dwell and recovery time to user's ability.

Starfall, Learn to Read
Various reading activities to learn short and longs sounds etc.

Preschool Library
Read along stories with click to advance and other learning activities.

Priory Woods Talking Story Books
Basic talking story books created by students.

Activities at an educational advanced level.

Starfall, I'm Reading
Read along books to click and read along.

Resources that provide various levels of learning. Board making software may be needed to use these resources fully with EagleEyes. Consult with your education professional before starting a curriculum.

Brain Pop
This site allows advanced learning of various subjects. Requires a subscription but well worth the money.

Sadlier Phonics
Games and activities to help build phonics.

Toy Theater
Various games and learning activities at different levels. Explore and tell us which ones to add to the main sections.

BBC School
Phonics and learning activities put out by the BBC.

Learning to read website. Not all activities are EagleEyes accessible.

Education 4 Kids
All subjects-drills, games, quizzes

Education Place
Academic activities including geography, spelling, current events, and games for all subject areas

Toon University
Activities and games for all subjects (several free options)

Online Books
Free download source for online books

Surfnetkids Academic Activities
Variety of academic activities and games. Not all may be EagleEyes compatible

America: A Narrative History
True/False and Multiple Choice Quizzes, documents, multimedia (advanced)

Fun School 
A lot of games and activities. Not all are EagleEyes compatible.

Below are some tools that may help you to use EagleEyes more fully for your specific purposes.

On Screen Keyboards, Free Downloads

Midas Touch
Designed for EagleEyes and Camera Mouse, this is an onscreen keyboard that is more spaced out for easier typing,  this is more for an advanced user.

Staggered Speech
Designed for EagleEyes and Camera Mouse this is a simplified keyboard for an intermediate user. Download this free software for an onscreen keyboard and letter board.

Dynamic Keyboard
Dynamic Keyboard is a free download from the University of Victoria. It is a predictive type keyboard and remembers commonly used words.

Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard
Click-N-Type is a free, fully adjustable, resizable, customizable onscreen keyboard that works with EagleEyes.  It allows you to use EagleEyes to type in to Notepad or Word or email.  But it requires a high degree of proficiency with EagleEyes.

Dasher Zoom
This is an innovative method of predictive text typing by zooming to the next letter. This may be easier for someone who already knows how to spell as a quicker communication software. Try it out!

Board Makers

Crick Software (Clicker) Board Maker
This is a paid license board maker software. They offer many pre-made boards and story books.

Learning Grids
Learning grids are boards for use with commercially available Clicker software.


SEN Teacher
Free learning materials and downloads. Not all the programs may be compatible with EagleEyes.

Please tell us what new activities you are using so we can add them to our library. We would also appreciate any feedback on how we can improve the library.