Herbi Speaks – What is

What is Herbi Speaks?

Herbi Speaks is a button creator board making app for Windows and is a tool for parents,
teachers, and therapists to create symbol and word accessible curriculum for students -
regardless of their abilities. You can enhance your students' learning experience - by making
your activities come alive with the use of sound and video.

Herbi Speaks is being used by parents and educators to improve learning and communication
for their students with special needs.  Herbi Speaks gives parents and educators the ability to
create customized materials that allow their children and students to begin engaging in new
ways with the world around them.
The app was built by Guy Barker, a professional software developer, with the goal of making a
free app available which might help people gain access to technology in situations where there’s
no alternative app available.

If you are interested in receiving online training and support for Herbi Speaks please contact us.