EagleEyes Technology

EagleEyes is for individuals who have little to no muscular control but have control of their eye movement. Some of the diagnosis in this category are Rett Syndrome, Spinal Muscular Atrophy and severe Cerebral Palsy, Trisomy and Hydranencephaly.

With the use of EagleEyes individuals have been able to establish cause and effect and act independently of anyone assisting them for the first time.

EagleEyes is an innovative technology developed at Boston College that acts as a mouse replacement system that enables communication and learning primarily for individuals who have congenital severe special needs. These individuals are most often non-verbal, paralyzed, and at most have a "Yes/No" method of communicating with those around them. Generally EagleEyes is used with individuals whose only controlled muscular movement is their eyes.

EagleEyes is used for cause and effect,recreation, communication and education, helping to reveal a user's true intelligence, focus and eye strength training, and learning to use the eyes for communicating. 

What is EagleEyes?

EagleEyes is a general mouse replacement that is based on measuring a user's EOG or electro-oculographic potential. The EOG is a small electrical potential which indicates the position of the eye relative to the head. Surface electrodes are placed on the user's head, above and below one eye, and on each side of the head to the left and right of the eyes. The five electrodes are connected to a USB powered electrophysiological amplifier which is connected to a computer. A program in the computer translates the signals received from the electrodes into the position of the mouse pointer on the screen. When the user moves his or her eyes, the mouse pointer follows the movement of the eyes

Because the electrodes are attached to the users face, they can use EagleEyes in any position that they are comfortable. A combination of eye and head movement can be used to move the mouse cursor so the user does not have to be perfectly still to use EagleEyes.

EagleEyes allows the user to play games, discover new things and ultimately progress towards meaningful communication. EagleEyes can be the first step towards developing the skill set necessary to access other technology.