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Who is The Opportunity Foundation of America?The Opportunity Foundation of America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for children and adults with profound physical challenges, and their families, through the use of the EagleEyes and Camera Mouse Technologies.What is EagleEyes?EagleEyes is an innovative eye-controlled technology that acts […]

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About The Opportunity Foundation of America and EagleEyesBoston College Computer Science Professor James Gips, creator of the EagleEyes technology and Debbie Inkley, Executive Director and Founder of the Opportunity Foundation of America.Together they have set out to distribute EagleEyes to the severely disabled community nationwide.AboutEagleEyes was developed at Boston College by Computer Science Professor Jim Gips, in 1994.  The […]

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For all inquiries or technical support, please fill out the form below or contact us at (385)215-9605.For technical support, contact Ron Williams, Director of Training. For inquires and general information contact Debbie Inkley, Executive Director  Your Name (required): Your Email (required): Subject: Phone: What are you contacting us about? (required): —EagleEyesCommentVolunteeringDonatingTechnical SupportQuestionOther Your Message: Δ

Camera Mouse

Camera Mouse TechnologyCamera Mouse is a software program that enables people with significant disabilities to use the computer and communicate using limited head movement. Camera Mouse essentially replaces the mouse so it can be used with all types of application programs and websites. To use Camera Mouse all you need is a Windows computer and […]


Monetary DonationsThank you for visiting the Opportunity Foundation of America website. Your donation today will bring hope to children and adults with profound physical challenges through the technologies and the supporting services the Foundation provides.No donation is too big or too small, so please consider making a contribution.On behalf of all those who will benefit […]


EagleEyes TechnologyEagleEyes is for individuals who have little to no muscular control but have control of their eye movement. Some of the diagnosis in this category are Rett Syndrome, Spinal Muscular Atrophy and severe Cerebral Palsy, Trisomy and Hydranencephaly.With the use of EagleEyes individuals have been able to establish cause and effect and act independently […]