December 19, 2016

We started using EagleEyes with students here at Woodland Developmental Center in March 2016. Woodland is a school for students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities. Some of these students have significant physical impairments so when we heard about EagleEyes, we were excited to try it with our students. We have noticed many positive changes with our students since starting EagleEyes. One student who normally spent a lot of the day appearing to be sleeping or “checked out” now has her eyes open almost all day. Another student has stopped chewing on the straps on her chair, stander or any other piece of equipment during EagleEyes. All of the students seem more relaxed, calm and focused. One student who is typically in constant movement is still and relaxed when using Camera Mouse. All of the students are activating smaller targets with dwell times of 0.4 to 0.6 seconds. One of our students has 80-100% accuracy with Eagle Aliens! Students have started using EagleEyes with “Look to Learn” software which requires greater cognitive effort and attention and has more objects on the screen, smaller targets and in some activities targets are moving! Parents, staff and students are all very excited about the great things we see happening with EagleEyes and Camera Mouse.

Marnie McLellan, MA, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist

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