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Story: Ethan and EagleEyes

EagleEyes has been a game changer for Ethan. It has allowed us to see more how his brain works without us controlling his output. It has also been a great tool for him to master the movement of his eyes. His eyes being the only consistent part of his body he can control. Ethan loves […]

EagleEyes at Woodland Developmental Center

December 19, 2016 We started using EagleEyes with students here at Woodland Developmental Center in March 2016. Woodland is a school for students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities. Some of these students have significant physical impairments so when we heard about EagleEyes, we were excited to try it with our students. We have noticed […]

Kevin’s Story

July 29, 2016 This is the story of my son Kevin and his new found ability to communicate. Kevin is almost 19 now. When he was 2 weeks old he contracted meningitis and suffered severe brain damage. His brain damage is classified as cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia. This brain injury has left him with […]

Bridger and Mitch

April 12, 2016 Imagine being completely cognizant of your surroundings. You understand the people around you perfectly, but you have no way of communicating that to them. In fact, you have no way of communicating at all. You are trapped in a body that won’t respond to your commands. You have no bodily control, can’t […]